Primary Engineering – project #STEM

Last week, saw the start of a ‘Primary Engineers’ programme, aimed at supporting engineering knowledge for educators in our community.

‘Primary Engineers Programmes’ have, over the past 12 years, created an engineering curriculum that spans Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education institutions. Its core aims include: the development of children and young people through engagement with engineering, the promotion of engineering careers for pupils through inspiring programmes and competitions, the development of engineering skills for teachers and practitioners as a sustainable model and working to address the gender imbalance in science and engineering.

They developed a ‘STEM by Stealth’ approach to education which enables children and pupils to engage with practical maths and science alongside creative problem solving and literacy. This has created a positive impact on individual children and pupils’ self-awareness and confidence through team work. It also provides improvement in social skills through engagement with project work and links to the wider world and engineers.

Their work bridges the gap between industry and education and the programme reach extends to parents, carers and the wider community through public exhibitions of children and pupils’ ideas in relation to engineering in regions across the UK.

Feedback from those teachers from local Primary Schools, who came to the session, :

Excellent engineering day with enthusiastic and expert support. Fantastic learning experience. Can’t wait to get started with the pupils.

Fantastic experience of simple, practical engineering that all children would love to try. A great way to spend a day of CPD – hands on and practical.

A thoroughly enjoyable practical day – well paced, trainer well prepared & showed us what we needed whilst giving us time to develop our skills. It makes a refreshing change to come away from a course with resources that will allow us to carry out the activities at school – thank you

Day was enjoyable and everyone more than helpful. Started day thinking I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything and finished with a fully functioning car that made it up ramp number 2!

Now that they have the knowledge, they will go back to their respective schools and teach their pupils. 8 pupils from each school will then be invited to attend a ‘Celebration Event’ on July 4th, and the winner, chosen by the judges will receive a certificate and the award of ‘Primary Engineer’.