Year 10 GCSE Art

Year 10 GCSE Fine Art

Work in progress:

The students have been studying the issues associated with homelessness. They have considered some of the causes of homelessness, and the likely outcomes on an individual’s safety, physical and mental health and general well-being.
The students have explored the work of a number of artists, including the expressive drawings of Henry Moore, which focus on the use of line and tone to express form, and Leonardo da Vinci’s highly technical and beautifully detailed drawings of hands and feet. The students also studied the work of Willie Baronet, an American artist who has purchased more than 1,300 homeless signs over the past 24 years. He uses this collection to create installations to raise awareness about homelessness. The students have used this work as inspiration for their own mixed media collages. They have been encouraged to take risks – and work on a large scale – portraying the emotional state of people who have no permanent shelter.