Musician of the Year 2019

Throughout the month of April, over sixty pupils auditioned in front of a panel of staff, for a place in our annual ‘Musician of the Year’ competition. The standards were even higher this year, than ever before, with students from all year groups performing on a variety of instruments or as vocalists. 27 students were announced as the finalists and rehearsals soon got underway in preparation for the final.

Last Thursday 9th May, our soloists took to the stage and performed to an audience of family and friends to find the winner.

Without exception, every student overcame their nerves and their hard work paid off, with all performing brilliantly, impressing the audience and judge who this year, was former Studley High School pupil and professional musician Alex Dudley who runs his own music studio locally.

At the end of the evening, Alex gave feedback to the pupils, highlighting that he had a tough job deciding on who should be awarded certificates!

The prize-winners were:

Highly Commended – Niall (drum kit) and Toby (Piano)

Most Promising Musician – Emily W (Piano)

Junior Winner (Year 7 & 8) – Skye (Vocals)

3rd – Dylan (Piano)

2nd – Emily W (Piano)

1st – Katherine B (Piano & Vocals)

For the winning performance, Katherine performed a piece called “Creep” by Radiohead. Last year’s winner Abbie Wheeler was on hand to present Katherine with a trophy sponsored by the Arrow Valley Band, engraved with her name, certificate and Amazon gift card.

Our thanks to Alex Dudley for judging, staff who helped out behind the scenes and ex-student Jake Haggett from ‘Evident Events’ who managed the audio for us. Also, thanks to our Year 9 Music Ministers helping backstage, Ethan and Max for the lighting and our CAMPS International students for running the refreshments.

Congratulations to all students who were involved and to the finalists who performed with such confidence and professionalism; lets see what 2020 brings!

Copy of the full schedule: Musician of the Year programme

National Maths Poster Competition!

As we are SURE you’re all aware, its National Numeracy Day this Wednesday!

To mark the occasion, we are inviting all pupils to consider entering a national maths poster competition with winning posters from pupils in each category receiving an Android tablet. There will also be five ‘highly commended’ certificates awarded in each group.

All winning and highly commended posters will be on display on the MathsCareers website. Visit the site for more information:

Mrs Wakefield is happy to support all entries, the deadline to submit entries is Friday 7th June.

More information here: Hidden-Maths-Poster-Competition may 2019

Holocaust Survivor visit

This week, 136 Year 8 and Year 9 pupils had privilege of hearing the testimony of Mr Ernest Simon, a Holocaust survivor, as part of a visit organised by the Holocaust Educational Trust (HET).

The testimony was followed by a question and answer session to enable our pupils to better understand the nature of the Holocaust. The visit was part of the Holocaust Educational Trust’s extensive all year round Outreach Programme, which is available to schools across the UK.

Ernest, an Austrian living in Vienna prior to the Second World War, shared his story about how he came to the UK in 1939 via the Kindertransport (German for “children’s transport”) to flee the Nazis. He was just eight years old.

To him, as a child leaving his parents and younger brother, it had seemed quite an adventure and he didn’t understand the wider implications. He believed his parents when they said they would see him soon.  Ernest did not know then that he was part of the Kindertransport, an organised rescue effort that took place during the nine months prior to the outbreak of the war. Ernest was just one of the 10,000  children from Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Free City of Danzig, that the UK offered sanctuary to.

Many of those children Ernest travelled with, never saw their families again as they all perished in the systematic killing of the Jewish people. Ernest was more fortunate, his parents and brother managed to get out a few months later on domestic permits. However, they could not be together as a family immediately. Ernest was sent to live with a foster family and his father was interned as an ‘enemy alien’. It was not until 1942 that the family was finally united.

We can only imagine what a heartbreaking decision it must have been for his parents to decide which of their children to send out of Austria. Places were limited on the trains and none of them at the time would know that many of those that remained would become part of the 6 million murdered Jewish people.

One of his vivid memories, prior to leaving Vienna was standing, watching the burning of holy prayer books in the street below.   What he did not know, was that he was witnessing Kristallnacht, also called Night of Broken Glass or November Pogroms, the infamous night in November 1938 when Nazis attacked Jewish people and their property. The name Kristallnacht refers ironically to the litter of broken glass left in the streets after these pogroms.

Mr Eost, Head of School said:

“It was a privilege for us to welcome Ernest Simon to our school and his testimony will remain a powerful reminder of the horrors so many experienced. We are grateful to the Holocaust Educational Trust for co-ordinating the visit and we hope that by hearing Ernest’s testimony, it will encourage our students to learn from the lessons of the Holocaust and make a positive difference in their own lives.”

Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust added:

“The Holocaust Educational Trust educates and engages students from across the UK, from all communities about the Holocaust and there can be no better way than through the first-hand testimony of a survivor. Ernest’s story is one of tremendous courage during horrific circumstances and by hearing his testimony, students will have the opportunity to learn where prejudice and racism can ultimately lead.

“At the Trust, we impart the history of the Holocaust to young people, to ensure that we honour the memory of those whose lives were lost and take forward the lessons taught by those who survived.”

At Studley, we regularly invite survivors into school so we can remember and also pledge to make the future a good place for us all to live.  For us the message is quite simple, let us all start with the small things like tolerance and respect for one another in our school and this then helps stop the growth of hatred and intolerance in the world around us.

Kiyyah gains a scholarship

Year 11 pupil, Kiyyah G, has been offered a netball scholarship at a school in Worcestershire after she leaves us this year.

Sports scholarships are offered at 13+ and 16+ and assessment days are held prior to pupils sitting entrance examinations. Talented sportsmen and women are invited to apply to attend assessment days but all candidates are required to meet the necessary academic standard for entry to the school. There is much competition for scholarship places and interviews are competitive! Kiyyah successfully passed a one to one interview and is on track to achieve the required GCSE results required to gain a place.

Kiyyah is an extremely talented netball player and her sports ‘idol’ is Serena Williams, tennis star.

She told us:

I am very excited but nervous at the same time. It’s a really large campus and I won’t know anyone but it’s an amazing opportunity.

We wish Kiyyah all the best for her next chapter, well done!

National Champion in Year 8!

We are delighted to report that Ella Rose G in Year 8, is a National Champion!
Ella Rose and her partner Reuben Bishop competed in the Nationals for ‘Disability Pairs’  this Sunday at Fenton Manor Leisure Centre in Stoke on Trent. Their coach, Kirsty Garratt, Wythall Gymnatics Club, told us:
Their routine was outstanding and Ella has been amazing in preparing Reuben for this event. To say that I’m proud is an understatement. They’ve worked extremely hard and showed a very high level of performance.
Ella and Reuben have now completed their training for the year and will return in September to train for the next academic year.

A Night At The Movies!

Studley High hosted another fantastic Dance Show this year titled, “A Night At The Movies”. This by far has been the best dance show to date and I can’t wait to see what next year brings!

All dances were performed to movie classics, from James Bond to Jurassic Park and Harry Potter to The Greatest Showman, to name a few.

We had over 50 students take part in this celebration of dance, from Year 7-11. A special thank you to Jarrad Heath in Year 10 who hosted the event as our compere for the night and thank you to all the students that supported with the lights, music and set.

Miss Dempster

Watch a montage of the night’s highlights here:

Taylor in ‘Joseph’ at Hippodrome

We are proud to report that Year 7 student, Taylor C has successfully auditioned for a role in the chorus for ‘Joseph’ at the Hippodrome in Birmingham in July.

This is the professional touring version – what a great achievement! Well done Taylor!

Krakow – 2019

This Easter, we made the epic trek to Krakow, Poland with 56 pupils as part of their GCSE History studies. Renowned for providing an incredible experience and knowledge for the pupil, evoking difficult emotions at the same time, this was an incredible experience for them.

Upon arriving in the southern city of Kraków, after a 24 hours journey, pupils had lunch in the beautiful and historic market square (one of the largest squares in Europe) before spending the afternoon visiting Wawel Castle and the Cloth Hall.

Day 2

Morning tour around Krakow, visit to the Remuh Synagogue, the Ghetto and Kazimierz district – a bustling, bohemian neighbourhood, which was the centre of Jewish life in Kraków for four centuries before the Nazi Occupation during World War Two.

While in Kazimierz, we explored modern history, looking at the filming of Schindler’s list and the set location. In the afternoon we saw Oskar Schindler’s factory. Schindler’s former factory, which has been turned into a modern museum of the Nazi Occupation of Kraków, takes up the sprawling administration building of the defunct plant at 4 Lipowa Street. This provided pupils with a valuable insight into the events that led up to the invasion of Poland and the abominable treatment of Kraków’s Jewish population during the Second World War. The final stop of the day saw the pupils visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine – a UNESCO heritage site. The mine was opened in the thirteenth century and produced table salt continuously until 2007. This provided pupils with a wider understanding of Krakow’s history but also an amazing opportunity to venture 100 metres underground.

Day 3
Pupils travelled to Auschwitz and Birkenau – the largest of the German Nazi concentration camps and extermination centres. The visit started at Auschwitz 1, the original pre-World War Two concentration camp, where pupils were given an extended tour of the main site. The tour continued at Auschwitz II – Birkenau, the camp established as an extermination centre for European Jews. After a emotionally draining day, pupils headed back to the hotel before a quick change and a final night’s dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Final day
We all ventured back into Krakow Old Town, which was the centre of Poland’s political life from 1038 until King Sigismund III Vasa relocated his court to Warsaw in 1596. We also visited one of Krakow’s biggest shopping centres before having a late lunch and making our way back onto the coach for the long journey back.

2260 miles travelled, crossing 5 countries. What an amazing experience for our pupils and thank you to all who supported this trip.

Mr Hobbis

Silver DofE

Last weekend, we took the Duke of Edinburgh Silver group out to the Malvern Hills. They were honing their skills before they embark on their qualifying expedition.

The weekend involved 2 days of walking and 2 nights of camping. Although a few students got lost along their routes, the student represented school very well and were able to complete the training showing great perseverance.

Good luck for the qualifying expedition, watch this space for DofE news!

In the Spotlight

This half term – we spent 3 minutes with:

Mr Sidhu – Associate Assistant Headteacher, Manor House Lead, PHSE

1.What inspired you to teach?
As a teenager I used to help coach younger players at Old Leamingtonians rugby club. This was a great experience and gave me my first taste of sharing my knowledge and skills with others and watching them improve as a result. Doing this laid the foundations for making me look into teaching. It made me realise how much I enjoyed helping others and helping them improve or learn something new.

2. A day in the life of you….
Wake up, get my children ready and drop them off at nursery. Then straight to school for a fun filled day. Most afternoons I am in meetings or catching up on work. The evening is spent doing the usual routine with young children, (playtime, dinner, bath and bedtime stories) once they go to bed I check my emails, catch up on any paper work, marking, etc before a quick bit of relaxation, either reading or TV before drifting off.

3. Proudest moment?
All the little moments in this job when you make students laugh and they learn and gain new skills or knowledge.

4. What is your favourite food or place to eat?
Charcoal oven cooked steak at Ye Olde Saracens Head. The steak is amazing.

5. Last box set/film you watched?
Last film I watched was ‘Spiderman Into The Spiderverse’, great film! Last box set I watched was ‘This is Us’.

6.What are your plans for Easter?
Going on a family vacation to Cape Sounion in Greece, then a week at home catching up on work, meeting friends and relaxing before it all begins again when term starts.