Personal Development Day

Last week, was the third of four Personal Development days for our pupils, across the academic year.

Here is a flavour of the events that took place:

  • Careers led sessions on the world of work.
  • Yr 8 – Samaritans came in to talk about the work they do within the community.
  • Yr 8 – Fearless Crime Prevention officer came in to deliver sessions on crime and the perceptions people have of it.
  • Yr 8 – First Aid staff from Warwickshire Fire Brigade gave training on CPR and other life saving techniques used in an emergency situation.
  • Yr 9 – Guest speaker Martin Bandel gave a talk about the holocaust and refugees in war time giving a very personal account of his own experiences.
  • Yr 9 – David Martin from Warwickshire Police delivered sessions on hate crime.
  • Yr 10 – The entire year group took part in an enterprise challenge ‘Passion 4 Fashion’. They had to create a fashion company, design outfits and work to within a budget to buy and sell items for their fashion company. The day ended with successful companies modelling clothing for a fashion show.