Studley High Christmas Concert – review

Last week, our pupils from gave a sell-out performance in the annual Studley High Christmas Concert.

The school hall was packed to the brim with parents, staff and friends.

The concert showcased all year groups from Year 7-11 and was open for any student to take part in which meant the whole of Studley came together to put on a show. This gave it a cheery happy atmosphere.

Milllie, Maya, Toyah

What a busy night, with over 200 people squeezing in to the busy and excited hall. Everyone backstage had fun, but tried to manage the noise. Everyone supported one and other it was a really happy and supportive community! Some quotes from family after the show were: ‘, I am in the Christmas spirit!’- Sarah Hazelton and ‘…everyone was very talented’ – Raymond Barnes. It was nice to know the audience enjoyed it!

Lydia & Elyssa

The first performances (the advanced choir) were great – ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ was amazing it was one of my favourite songs of the show. I also think that the Year 7’s did a great job with getting up in front of all those people it left me speechless, I would never had done something like that.

I also loved how the drama students joined in to show us the real meaning of Christmas and that it is about giving and not receiving.

To see something you have done come to life and for other people to enjoy makes you feel great.

Hope Carter

Over 85 people performed in the concert in the hall and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. The lights changed the mood of each song or performance piece. There were over 200 people watching the concert, we sold out!

Flynn Cummings-Major

Amongst the many performances this year, Year 9 performed a ‘Matilda’ piece, led by Tanish-Jade Morgan, Hollie Troth and Chavez Wellington.

There was a lovely solo from Jarrad Heath with ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ from ‘The Polar Express’. To close the first half, we had the orchestra with ‘Happy’, ‘Dancing Queen’ and Christmas Carols which the audience joined in with.

The second half was very energetic, opening with the REM group  and followed by Year 11 Mary and Lucy with ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’. Following up from their phenomenal performance, was the performing arts group with ‘Matilda’ and Year 8 Drama group with ‘Having a Merry Christmas’. We then had two outstanding solo performances by Year 9 Millie Stanway and Year 11 Nathan Chapman. Finally, we had a drama performance by Year 7 and closed with the main choir singing ‘All I Want for Christmas.’

Emily Andrews & Erin Brown

What a lovely way for the Expressive Arts Department to finish this term; the Christmas Concert was an absolute success! It was fantastic to see all year groups supporting and being involved in this special event. The music was varied, showing a range of talented performers. The Year 7 and 8 drama and performing arts club leaped onto the stage with confidence. A special mention goes to the Year 11 performers this year as it was their very last Christmas Concert. Thank you for all of their efforts over the years; the Performing Arts team is very grateful.

Miss Hinde, Performance Director

I’d like to congratulate all 85 students who performed so well at our Christmas Concert. They have worked hard all term in every rehearsal they’ve attended which meant they were able to put on a great evening for all to enjoy. Many thanks also to all the families and staff who came along to support our students – it was great to have a sell-out audience.

Miss Bussey, Musical Director