Science Cells for Year 7

Earlier in the month every pupil in Year 7 took part in the final of the annual ‘Cells Competition’, in which pupils were tasked to create an animal or plant cell of their choice in the form of a model or a poster.

Pupils were challenged to be as creative as possible and we received some exceptional entries in the form of cakes, 3D models, jelly, fabric cells, Lego, and posters, to name a few.

Everyone in the science department was very impressed at the amazing variety and level of effort that pupils had put into the competition and all of the entries were proudly displayed in school reception and corridors during Year 7 Parent’s Evening. Prefects had the very hard task of choosing the winners for the wide variety of competition categories, including:

  • Best 3D model
  • Most scientific
  • Most colourful
  • Most detailed

We even had to add new categories to praise the amazing skills that pupils had used to create the exceptional cell competition entries.

We will be announcing the overall cells competition winners to Year 7 very shortly and certificates and chocolate prizes will be handed out to those winners.

Thank you to all of Year 7, who made this years competition a wonderful event and we are now displaying the (non-edible) competition entries on the walls, upstairs in the science department.

Mrs Harris