Kia’s cut for charity

This week, Kia Dwyer in Year 7 decided to have her hair cut.

This is not big news normally, but Kia will be donating her locks to children undergoing cancer treatment.

Kia chose to donate her hair to ‘The Little Princess Trust’, inspired by the passing of her Grandad last year, from cancer. She told us:

I know my hair will be going to someone who has lost their hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses. My hair will make a wig, to help another young person who doesn’t have their own hair.

Her mum, Kerry told us:

I am very proud of Kia for being so selfless and proud that she decided to donate her hair to help other young people, inspired by her grandad.

Hair must be a minimum of 12″ before it can be used by the charity.
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