D of E Gold Award

We are delighted to report that former pupil, Ellie Wakefield-Clarke has incredible news:

On the 24th May 2018, Ellie was invited to attend the D of E Gold Award ceremony at Buckingham Palace.

She met HRH Countess of Wessex:

She was lovely and told us to ‘keep going’ in our DofE stories and was very softly spoken and naturally pretty and down to earth. I was able to glimpse HRH Prince Edward (who is the spitting image of his father!) and as I was leaving, HRH Princess Eugenie waved from her car. As we came through the entrance gates of Buckingham Palace to leave, HRH Prince William was arriving in his car and gave us a wave too!! So a Royally good day!

Over 300 young people received their award that day and the ceremony took several hours. Ellie was informed that only 4% of those that complete Bronze, go on to complete their Gold.

Ellie completed Bronze, Silver and Gold all under the age of 18!

Ellie told us:

This was only possible thanks to Studley High School taking me through Bronze and Silver awards while I was at school, so thank you to those staff who helped me through!

Conrgratulations Ellie!