Year 9 Art pupils had the chance to work with Nita and Paul Newman (two local portrait artists), this week. They were focusing on portraiture:
Pupils discussed contemporary portrait artists and some historical portraiture.
Range of techniques including the following:
  1. Quick fire whole figure drawing warm ups using one of us as a model from 2 to 20 seconds for each pose.
  2. Bind drawing; timed focused portrait drawing in pairs without looking at the paper and what they are drawing, only looking at each other.
  3. Frankenstein portraits; Group participatory drawings, a portrait of model where a student draws an element (for two minutes each), such as an eye or nose then moves on to the next drawing and draws another element, everybody rotates round to contribute to each of the drawings. Everybody kept their own portrait. (approx. 30 minutes total + plenary)
  4. Cool & warm portraits; pupils used paint to create portraits
  5. Using only the following colours in acrylic paint: Sap green, primary red and white. The portraits were from photos (head & shoulders) or mirrors.

    Pupils grew in confidence throughout the day and gained great experience building up their portraiture skills. All work will count towards their current portrait project.