Year 9 girls to Oxford University

As part of our school careers education programme in widening participation and raising aspirations, Year 9 girls had the opportunity to attend Oxford Mathematical Institute and Department of Statistics this month.

Purpose of the visit was to inspire young women to continue with Maths education.

The day consisted of master classes, hearing about and engaging in all things ‘Maths’ and listening to lectures from leading women in Mathematics and Statistics, alongside other girls from other schools.

It was such an informative and inspirational day, filled with exciting talks! It has helped me envisage my future and made me think seriously about Maths for my future choices.

Alice H

I enjoyed the day and found it very inspiring. It was educating and I will now take Maths A level and seriously consider University.

Abbie Staples

I really enjoyed the Maths trip to Oxford University, I found the lectures interesting and the master class informative! The questions were manageable but challenging and educational. Overall the experience was once in a life time opportunity and enthused me to go onto University!

Alice Kerridge

Many thanks, great idea allowing my daughter to experience such an activity and experience of higher education and Maths.

Parent of Year 9 pupil

An excellent opportunity allowing pupils to experience a master class in Mathematics as well as to understand the importance of the subject at an establishment such as Oxford.

Mrs Smith, Maths