Year 7 Amie in GymFusion

Performing at the Birmingham Hippodrome, Amie Jeff from year 7 took part in the GymFusion event representing the Bromsgrove Gymnastics National team.

The audience was amazed as display teams from across the country showcased their skills to wow the audience at GymFusion, the British Gymnastics Festivals Programme that this year had the theme of ‘Time’.

British Gymnastics National Festivals Programme has seen more than 22,000 performers take part in show-style festivals across the UK. With seven events this year, the show included exciting and creative performances from all ages and abilities across a wide range of gymnastics disciplines.

GymFusion gives participants the opportunity to display their team skills and talents in a fun environment, promotes diversity, encourages performance and brings together the whole gymnastics community.

Well done Amie for an amazing performance.