Between 10-13th May Mr Hobbis joined the other 19 Holocaust Beacon School Lead Teachers, along with staff from UCL’s Holocaust Education Department, on a 4 day study tour of Warsaw.

The tour involved excursions to sites in Warsaw to discover fragments of the past that speak to a once thriving Jewish community before the Nazi occupation. He walked through the former ghetto stopping at points of significance and remembrance and engaged in creative tasks that bring about a powerful encounter with the past.This is something which is not only important in History but all subjects with any site visit included and this experience will no doubt benefit all departments of the school as we continue to improve and develop our extracurricular programme.

The 4 day tour also included a visit to a former Jewish shtetl (Jadow) and the death camp of Treblinka. It examined the resurgence of Jewish life in Poland today through a special workshop and a visit the Nożyk Synagogue on the eve of the Sabbath. All of the encounters allowed the teachers to explore site based pedagogy and reflect upon the significance of these spaces and shared learning for our classrooms.

Our school is proud to be part of a network of over 120 other schools of the Beacon School alumni that are committed to strengthening the quality of Holocaust education they provide through UCL’s world leading programme. We look forward to continuing our journey with the UCL Beacon School project.

Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi commented on our dedication to Holocaust Education: