The Geography of Cake – SHINE session

Geography Shine session

“The geography of cake” was attended by an excitable group of pupils from years 7 – 10 last week.

During the session, the group investigated some very unusual foods from around the world and then learnt about what staple foods are eaten in different countries such as: rice, maize, sorghum and plantain. Importantly they looked at what different flours are used and then at a variety of typical national cakes such as Sacher-torte, basbousa and chocolate muffins.

The total distance traveled by the ingredients in the muffin was calculated at approximately 20,476km and students then discussed the environmental issues surrounding the enormous distance that our food travels.The session culminated in the all-important cake taste-testing and scoring, as students channeled their inner ‘Mary Berry’ or ‘Paul Hollywood’!

Thank you to all who attended for their enthusiasm and participation in the quizzes and puzzles.