SHINE – History Around Us

SHINE pupils were treated to a “History around us” Shine session on the Thursday before half term.

Pupils were introduced to the idea that they are living through historical events which will be written about for years to come. Brexit was the topic for the session. Pupils were asked what “Brexit” meant to them, and whilst many knew it was ‘to do with leaving the EU’, a few knew anything more on this topic.

Pupils completed a quick quiz on the EU – understanding the basics of the organisation and how it had developed following World War Two. They were then asked to conduct their own vote, given the advertising materials used by both the Leave and Remain campaigns. They analysed posters, leaflets and much more before voting themselves. It was an overwhelming victory for remain.

With their votes cast, pupils then took on the role of negotiators. They were given four key areas: Trade, Justice, Irish Border & How much the UK is going to have to pay. They began to draft agreements in order to keep the UK happy but also the EU. Negotiations ensued, with pupils beginning to understand the complexities of the process that faces the current government. Many excellent questions were raised and there were more questions than answers, given the current situation.

Pupils were finally asked to contemplate one question: how will history remember us? Brexit is just one example of the history around us which will define our generation.