Rosie is a champ in the water!

Rosie Ward in Year 8 swims for Redditch Swimming club and has done for several years. She’s one of the younger swimmers in her age group so has always competed against older girls. Rosie’s very competitive and whether she’s competing in a swimming competition, playing county cricket or netball she has the drive to do her best.

This weekend she competed in County finals and won two silver in the 100m and 50m breaststroke finals (even though she’s the youngest in the U14 age group!). She qualified 6th fastest in the 100m breaststroke and 4th fastest in the 50m breaststroke. She won her heat with a personal best time 4 seconds better than her last time and entered the finals race in silver medal position. Rosie went onto to get the silver medal gaining another personal best.

Due to other sporting commitments (County cricket!) and a shoulder injury over christmas her training has been limited although she normally puts in about 5 hours training per week in the pool.

She will now represent the club at the Midland finals later this year.

Congratulations Rosie!