Pupils attend G&T book club

Last Friday, two Year 7 students – James Buzzard and Georgia Cooke visited St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Studley, for a ‘Gifted & Talented’ book club.

Also joining them were Year 6 pupils from other local Primary schools.

The group had already read Railhead‘ by Phillip Reeve.
The novel is set in a future in which humanity has left Earth and settled many worlds. Interplanetary travel is not achieved by starships, however, but by a network of mysterious gateways through space that can only be crossed by special trains. These trains are fully sentient artificial intelligences, with thoughts and dreams and feelings. A railhead is someone who loves the trains and the infinite journeys they make possible. The story is about a young railhead named Zen, who is enlisted by an enigmatic outlaw to conduct a theft aboard a legendary train.

They discussed the novel in general and then formed into groups to explore how the author had created the futurist world in which the protagonist attempts to navigate his way.

Both pupils enjoyed the experience and liked working and learning with Primary pupils.