Pip gives blood

Pip is a 5 year old greyhound, and is part of Mrs Johnson’s family (Mrs Johnson is one of our lovely teaching assistants).

Pip did an amazing thing this week – she gave blood, to save other dog lives.  Mrs Johnson knows that canine blood donation is very important, and took Pip for her first donation at the canine blood bank.

Pip is a retired racing greyhound and her racing name was Barntick Pet. She competed in 78 races, before retiring and moved in with Mrs Johnson and her family in August this year.

After Pip had donated, she had a bowl of Chappie and chose a toy to play with. She also had a health check, which is part of the process.

Every unit of blood helps to save up to 4 other dig lives. Pip will be donating several times a year to do her part for her canine community.

For more information on the pet blood bank, click here.