In the Spotlight

Now that Studley High has ‘gone digital’ for all news about the school, and we’re no longer printing our newsletter – you’ll notice an increase in content and regularity for ‘Latest News’ on the site as well as increased sharing on social media.

But we know some of you miss some of the regular articles that we were printing, so we’ve decided to reinstate them online! One of the most popular, was our ‘3 minutes with’ article.

So each half term, we’ll interview a member of staff, so you can continue to enjoy the brief insight into the world of our staff.

This half term – we spent 3 minutes with:

Mr Eost – Deputy Head

Tell us about a typical ‘day in the life of a Deputy Head’

There is no typical day as a Deputy Head and that is what I love about my job. I am privileged to work with a cross section of our school community including a range of staff and pupils. I also work with colleagues from other schools/agencies to help ensure that there is high quality provision, not just for Studley High School pupils but also for Warwickshire pupils in general. My favourite part of the job is still teaching in the classroom and although I don’t teach, due to the nature of my role, it is still my passion!

What inspired you to teach?

I went to Bridley Moor High School in Redditch (its doesn’t exist now) and I was inspired by my PE teacher, Mr Grey. The way that he taught engaged all pupils and from that experience I knew that I wanted to teach as well. I randomly met Mr Grey a few years ago and I had the opportunity to tell him about the effect he had/has on my career in teaching, which was great.

What is your greatest sporting achievement and why?

I love sport and have have been fortunate to take part/play in a wide range of sports. My greatest sporting achievement was getting to a county cricket final with my cricket club and getting the opportunity to play at New Road. Although I still play sport, I spend a lot of my weekends taking my two boys to rugby and cricket fixtures. They are both a lot more talented than me!

What is your favourite food or place to eat?

A bit random – but Kerala in India. I travelled around India for a number of months when I left university and can honestly say its the most beautiful country I have ever been to. So I would pick a beach side restaurant in Kovalam eating traditional Indian food.

Finally, what was the last track you listened to on Spotify/iPhone etc?

Kings of Leon – ‘Use Somebody’