Teaching School

In 2016, Studley High School applied to the Department for Education for ‘Teaching School’ status and was successful. Studley High School is now known as the ‘lead school’ for the Shires Teaching School Alliance or ‘Shires TSA’, a dedicated group of Warwickshire schools working together, with a shared purpose – to ensure young learners are given the best opportunities.

Launched in 2011, there are now almost 800 Teaching Schools across the country. Our role is to work with other schools and members of staff to provide high-quality training and support for school improvement in our local area and within our community.

Teaching schools lead in 3 areas:

  • School Direct and Initial Teacher Training
  • Staff development, training and support
  • School-to-school-support

For much more information about teacher training and school to school support, visit our dedicated site: www.shirestsa.co.uk

Meet the Shires TSA team, based at Studley High School:

AP Shires Pic

TJ Shires Pic