Studley High Library

Studley High School Library

The aim of the library is to maintain and develop a range of resources that support the curriculum and pupils’ learning.  Using the library will ensure the pupils become proficient in information skills and develop their ability to work as as independent learners.

The library has a collection of over 5,000 fiction and nonfiction books, as well as a selection of magazines.

The computers and laptops in the library are connected to the school network and are available at break,  lunch and after school for pupils to complete homework or do research.  Pupils are able to print out work in the library.

Pupils can also photocopy or scan work.

Reading for pleasure

All pupils in years 7 and 8 have an English reading lesson in the library, either once a week or once a fortnight.  The aim of these lessons is to enable all pupils to develop their reading skills and introduce them to a wide range of materials.  All pupils follow the “Power Readers” programme.  Pupils are awarded certificates after they have completed each level.
Power Readers
All pupils are encouraged to broaden their reading horizons by following the Power Readers programme, which rewards breadth and variety in reading for pleasure.  Each level represents a certificate for you and points for your house, so get reading!

We aim to make pupils appreciate the benefit of reading for pleasure, not just while they are at school but also later in life.

Using the library

All pupils automatically become a member of the school library.  They may borrow up to 4 books for 4 weeks.  If they haven’t finished reading a book within 4 weeks they may renew it.  No fines are charged for overdue books but pupils are responsible for the books that they borrow and will be charged for lost or damaged books.

The library is open to all pupils at break and lunch.  They may use the library for research, completing homework, revising, choosing a new book or reading.

Homework Club
There is a homework club in the library every day after school.

Monday to Thursday until 4.15pm

Reading List

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