Homework is a vital part of your child’s education. It provides opportunities to further their understanding of work they have done in class and also enables them to develop important skills such as the ability to study and work independently.

Homework is set regularly and via realsmart by all class teachers. Please contact your child’s tutor if hard copies of homework is required.

At KS3 and for the majority of subject areas, this mean a weekly set homework, with the exception of:

  • English – one homework set per week.
  • Art and ICT  – homework set twice per half term.
  • RE – homework set every three weeks.
  • Drama, Music and Technology subjects – half-termly projects.

At KS4, the same applies (starting at Year 9). However, homework may increase at certain ‘crunch’ points of the year. Many homeworks at KS4 will be designed to support revision and GCSE preparation.

For parental access to your child’s Smart Homework app you will need to follow the below link:

Signing Up

Signing up is easy, just go to the registration page here fill in your details and sign up.

Logging In

Once you are registered you can log into your account by going to the link here.

They will then need to enter:

  • User name (childs name with no spaces)
  • Pin
  • School Name

For any questions regarding the setting of homework, please contact the relevant class teacher as a first point. Should your questions not be answered, the Head of Department of Curriculum Lead will be happy to help.