This half term – we spent 3 minutes with:

Mr Hobbis – Lead Teacher, History

1. What inspired you to teach?
I found myself naturally drawn to teaching. I completed work experience at Studley High School many moons ago, when I was at AGS, doing my A Levels and thought that this was something for me. This continued at University. I used to do tutoring and really enjoyed helping students achieve their goals. Also, I love History! I love the quote from Dan Snow that ‘History is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to anyone on this planet!’ and can’t agree more.

2. A day in the life of you….
I like to get up early and get into work for about 7:15am. I then prepare for the day ahead, obviously making a cuppa beforehand. I’ll attend any meetings and then it’s mainly teaching from 8:30-3pm. If I have any time to spare, I normally work with pupils or respond to emails. Once the day is finished, it’s back to planning ahead for the History department – including lessons, curriculum, assessments and of course, marking. This fills my time until about 6pm, when I leave work and head home. Then it all begins again the next day!

3. Proudest moment….
This is a tough one! Probably the graduation for my Masters. It is the culmination of the past 20 years of formal education…

4. What is your favourite food or place to eat? Wagamamas. I was lucky enough to spend 6 weeks travelling Japan a couple of summers ago and have had the taste ever since!

5. Last box set/film you watched
I’ve just finished watching ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ – not for the faint-hearted… I’m just about to move onto ‘Making of a Murderer’ – Season Two but need to finish Season Two of ‘The Sinner’ first.

6. No.1 item on your Christmas list
I’m not one for presents. I very rarely ask for much and can’t think of anything at the moment…I’ll go with the old saying “health and happiness”!