Wellbeing week

Wellbeing is where every individual realises his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.

World Health Organisation

Whilst wellbeing is a priority all year round at Studley High School, our wellbeing team set aside one week to focus on it intently at the end of last term. Throughout the week 1 – 4 July, the wellbeing team laid on a host of activities for pupils and staff. Activities focused on social engagement, wellbeing and growth mindset, learning and giving back.

Pupils enjoyed Pip the therapy dog visiting school, listened to inspirational speakers, had the opportunity to learn a new instrument, ran a coffee morning for local elderly residents and visited a local residential care home to spend time with residents.

Staff joined together to attend a local keep-fit class, went on local walks, attended coffee and cake mornings, took part in arts and crafts sessions and took part in a staff quiz.

We wanted to provide a range of activities for both pupils and staff, that were unrelated to academia and outcomes. We devised an extra-curricular timetable for both pupils and staff.
The focus was for pupils to understand the concepts of ‘feeling good’ and ‘functioning well’.

Miss Hughes, wellbeing week creator and organiser

Feedback has been so overwhelmingly positive that plans are in place to provide regular, similar activities into the new academic year, extending to parents as well.

Special guests for tea

As part of our wellbeing week – Year 9 pupils organised for special visitors to come to school for afternoon tea and music.

Pupils preparing a range of savouries and cakes for a residents from a local branch of the charity Contact the Elderly. The charity look out for elderly citizens who may otherwise become isolated. They hold regular events to ensure that their guests get out and about and can socialise with others.

Our year 9 pupils made some amazing food and the guests were blown away by the quality of the afternoon tea, produced from scratch. There were also homemade decorations and some lovely music performances from a range of pupils in Years 7-9, which brought tears to the eyes of some!

One visitor commented:

You’ve treated us royally. This afternoon tea is better than that at the Ritz and I know, because I have been there….it’s astonishing. We haven’t wanted for a thing.

House Spelling Bee competition

A spelling bee is a competition in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty.

This year’s competition for Year 7 was bigger and better than ever. It was therefore appropriate that the expanded format was matched by a fierce competition. The final results saw:

4th place – Castle

3rd place – Priory

2nd place – Manor

1st place – Abbey

We are grateful to Mrs Evans for her organisation of the event and to all of the staff who came to support. Here are some of the comments made by participants and audience members to sum up their thoughts:

Though the competition was intense and nerve-wracking, I enjoyed taking part in it and I’m proud of how far I managed to get. Bring on next year’s Spelling Bee!

Kimi S.

It was a fun event and amazing to watch. The atmosphere was lovely with a healthy competitiveness between all of the houses

Jazmin D.

I really enjoyed taking part in the Spelling Bee, even though near the end the words got quite difficult! I’m super happy that I won!

Erin M.

Taylor E makes U15s squad

Year 9 pupil, Taylor E has been called up to the Under 15’s Warwickshire County Football squad for the 2019/20 season, after competing for his place in two trials over the last two weeks – against the best footballers in Warwickshire.

Taylor has proven that he is a top player; captaining his school team, playing for Cheltenham Town and now being included in the Warwickshire squad. He will be playing against different counties from up and down the country to pit his skills against the country’s next generation of top players.

A huge congratulations to Taylor for this massive accomplishment.

High Sheriff of Warwickshire visit

Yesterday, we welcomed the High Sheriff of Warwickshire to Studley High School. Simon Miesegaes’ role, is as the Queen’s representative in Warwickshire for all matters relating to the maintenance of law and order and supporting voluntary and statutory organisations in the area.

After being appointed for 2019-2020 by the Crown, Simon Miesegaes wrote to school, asking to come and visit us and explain his role, tour the site, and deliver a short assembly, highlighting how important it is for young people to ‘do their bit’ to become responsible citizens. He also introduced Crime Beat – a charity aimed at encouraging young people to focus on crime prevention.

Finally, he asked for us all to consider those ‘unsung heroes’ at school – to be nominated for the award at a formal awards ceremony next year.

It has been a delight to welcome Simon to Studley High School. His message of community and ‘doing our bit’ is one that resonates with our school ethos.


We are looking forward to nominating our unsung heroes at Studley High School to support the High Sheriff’s Awards next year.

Mr Gray, Principal

Holocaust Historians Visit Studley

Our final Shine session of the year took place last week, with Prof. Bill Niven & Amy Williams joining over 45 pupils who made the fantastic effort to attend after school.

Both Bill and Amy work as historians researching the Holocaust and in particular how it is remembered at Nottingham Trent University. They focused on a particular event during the Holocaust, the Kindertransport. The Kindertransport was the agreed movement of German Jewish people from all over Germany to countries like Britain, France and the Netherlands.

Amy and Bill gave a fantastic oversight into the journey these young people faced, and finished with the Kinder arriving at their final destinations. However, Amy and Bill were keen to stress this was not the end for most. Some Kinder found themselves in less than friendly settings and struggled to adapt with racism within communities. Likewise, other Kinder were then evacuated following the extensive bombing of Britain during the 1940s and hence, the Kinder story is far more complex than the current perception within the media.

Amy and Bill discussed this concept, but looked at memorials across the world. In Britain our memorials are very much about the rescue but seem to ignore the darkest experiences of the Kinder, such as internment camps, while in Britain. Whereas, while Germany still remembers the Kinder, the focus there is very much on those who found themselves on trains to the death camps, rather than the safety of neighbouring European countries.

It was a real thought-provoking talk and Humanities are excited to be working with Amy & Bill next academic year. Pupils will be invited to support researching local Kinder stories (as many found refuge in Birmingham) and then creating a memorial/commemoration to this process.

What an incredible final history shine session that was all about Kindertransport. Really intriguing to find out about what had actually happened. Thank you to Amy and the History Department this year for putting on this amazing SHINE session.

Ethan (Year 9)

Photography at Coughton Court

This week, our Year 9 Photography pupils visited Coughton Court  an English Tudor country house, situated on the main road between Studley and Alcester in Warwickshire. Part of a National Trust site, the main house is a Grade I listed building.

The house has a long crenelated façade ( a rampart built around the top of a castle with regular gaps for firing arrows or guns) facing the main road, at the centre of which is the Tudor Gatehouse, dating from 1530; this has hexagonal turrets and oriel windows in the English Renaissance style. The gatehouse is the oldest part of the house and is flanked by later wings, in the Strawberry Hill Gothic style, popularised by Horace Walpole.

Pupils visited, to take a range of photographs based on ‘macro’ – focusing on detail and texture. Pupils have been studying the work of the artist ‘Slinkachu’ :

I started working with miniatures in 2006. My work involves remodelling and painting of miniature model train set characters, which I then place and leave on the street. It is both sculpture, street art installation and photography. The street-based side of my work plays with the notion of surprise and I aim to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings.

Slinkchu.com – quote from artist

Pupils had a tour around Coughton Court to hear the history of the building and a countryside walk around the property, into the woodland area to provide the maximum opportunity to take a range of photographs in various settings.

South Warwickshire Athletics

Last week, 52 of our Y7-9 pupils went to Stratford track to compete in the South Warwickshire Athletics Championships.

An excellent atmosphere at the track brought some brilliant performances from our pupils, who all displayed grit and determination whilst representing us at the competition. Our team persevered, produced some fantastic team work and individual displays of skill and athleticism.

Stand out girls overall performances:

Ruby W – 2nd place in Y7 Girls 100m
Faith S – 3rd place in Y7 Girls Shot Putt
Taylor C – 2nd place in Y7 Girls High Jump
Charlie B – 3rd place in Y8 Girls 100m and 2nd place in Y8 Girls Discus
Maddie A – 2nd place in Y8 Girls Shot Putt
Paulina J – 1st place in Y9 Girls Discus
Jasmine F – 3rd place in Y9 Girls Shot Putt
Megan H – 1st place in Y9 Girls Long Jump

Stand out boys overall performances:

Lewis A – 1st place in Y7 Boys 1500m and 2nd place in Y7 Boys 800m
Jimmy F – 2nd place in Y7 Boys 1500m
Daniel H – 1st place in Y7 Boys Discus
Alfie B – 2nd place in Y7 Boys Shot Putt
Charlie R – 3rd place in Y8 Boys 100m and 3rd place in Y8 Boys 200m

(Please note that other pupils won, came second or finished third in their heats)

Well done to all who took part!


Harry Potter – The Return

Last week, Studley High School English department took their second trip of this academic year to the Harry Potter Studios Tour.

During the tour, pupils visited the iconic sets, learned how various effects were created and even sampled some of the world famous ‘Butterbeer’! The newest addition to the tour, ‘Gringotts Bank’, wowed pupils and staff in equal measure, with the CGI dragon frightening even the bravest of tour members!

As part of our department’s aim to offer an even greater breadth of extra-curricular opportunities to pupils, we have been delighted with how pupils have responded to this new initiative. We are particularly grateful to the tireless work that Mrs Guy has put into the organisation of this new trip, as well as the staff who supported on the day. We are really looking forward to future trips when even more pupils will receive an opportunity to visit this magical place.

More photos to follow

Duke of Edinburgh Gold

Last week, our Dof E Gold team completed their practice expedition. Year 11 pupils Ashleigh W, Felix W, Nathan W, Finley C & James H took to the hills of Brecon, to practice their skills before their qualifying expedition in July.

Day 1 started in the Crickhowell carpark in the eastern part of the Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales and pupils walked 19km ascending to a height of 890m (2920ft), finishing at Court Farm, Llanthony Priory.

Day 2 started with a walk up the slope they had descended the previous day and they walked 17.8 km finishing at the lower lying Newcourt farm, Felindre.

Day 3 consisted of a 19km walk, starting at an elevation of 200m, climbing to a height of 800m through the day and descending back down to the Pont Cadwgan car park, 200m above sea level.

We are very proud of the 5 pupils who have gone straight from finishing their GCSEs, to this very demanding, team challenge.

They had to carry all their provisions with them, which included food, tents and cooking stoves for the 3 days and navigated the routes using a map and compass, in some challenging weather conditions.

We wish them all the best for their qualifying expedition, which will take place in the Lake District 24th – 28th July 2019.