Year 10 to Aston University

On Friday 28th April, 12 Year 10 Students with a keen interest in Physics attended a practical interactive study day at Aston University on the subject of Lenses and the application of Light.

After a very warm welcome from Jo Burrows and her Student Ambassadors, students were officially welcomed by the Head of the Applied Physics Department, and given a short introduction to the study of Physics at Aston University.  Studley High School students then developed their practical skills during a hands-on ‘Practical Light and Lenses’ workshop.  The workshop presented by Phil Jones deepened their understanding of reflection; refraction; real and virtual images; convex and concave lenses; ray diagrams and the human eye.

After a break for lunch our students took part in an ‘Optical fibres, lasers and modern communication systems’ presentation, exploring the physics behind optical, or photonic technologies used in modern day communication systems that underpin the internet.  They discovered how these technologies allow massive amounts of information to be carried, which has not only shaped the world around us but may lead to exciting career opportunities for those who continue to study Physics.

Our students once again excelled in their representation of the school and would like to thank the organisers of the day for the opportunity given to them to extend their understanding of lenses and the application of light.