Year 7 Intake 2016

The transition from primary to high school is an exciting time, full of challenges and experiences for both parent and child. We work very hard to ensure maximum success for all our pupils so they are ready for the challenges of high school, enjoying new friendships and the new opportunities high school brings. We work closely with the Year 6 teachers to ensure that we receive all the required information about our new students.

During June 2016 there will be an opportunity for both students and parents to come into school, meet staff and enjoy our facilities for 2 days.

Pupils joining us will be placed in a House group of around 180 pupils, within which they are placed in a ‘”mixed age” tutor group of no more than 20 students. There are pupils from all year groups (7-11) in a tutor group, and there is a real ‘family’ feel to the group.

Pupils can look forward to:
•    Investigating and exploring ideas and topics that interest and excite you
•    Considering (and solving!) lots of “real life” situations, issues and problems
•    Working on your own and also in groups of all different sizes
•    Using computers, cameras and other technology

On top of all this, you’ll be learning a new language!

Top tips for a successful move from primary to secondary school

• Don‘t pass on any of your own anxiety to your son/ daughter. If they are worried, make sure you listen, but point out that there will be lots of other children feeling the same.

• Be prepared for tiredness and tears in the early days. On the practical side, make sure all the kit is purchased and labelled in good time, not the night before.

Towards the end of the summer holidays try a ‘dry run’ to school.

• Stress that it’s OK to get lost or be late for lessons in the first few days: lots of Year 7’s will be wandering around with puzzled looks on their faces. On the other hand, make sure you child is aware that first impressions count both with teachers and other children. Best foot
forward from the very start.

Lesson timings

Period One 8:30
Perod Two 9:20

Form Time 10:10

Period Three 10:55
Period Four 11:45

Lunch Time 12:35

Period Five 1:25
Period Six 2:15

Home 3:05