John Ruddock - Catering Manager

John Ruddock – Catering Manager

Welcome to the refectory!
Here we are serving a huge range of food and drink to keep you energised and full throughout the day. We try to source most of our ingredients from local companies, meaning they are the freshest and the tastiest. We have something every day we hope will fit any budget and taste!

If you’re a pasta fan, come and visit our Pasta Station and you will find freshly cooked pasta with a different array of sauces everyday, available in two sizes to suit any appetite.
We also provide a great range of grab’n’go, which includes our sandwiches, salads and baguettes that are made freshly on site every morning. We have freshly cut fruit including mango, apples, grapes and bananas AND an amazing array of baked-on-site cakes and biscuits starting from as little as 30p!
If you need refreshing, we have a large range of chilled drinks, with something for every budget- starting at just 40p.

The cost of a hot meal is £1.80. If you think you might be entitled to free school meals please click here.

Here is our latest Spring ’17 menu:

Spring 2017 Canteen Menu

Week One dates, week commencing:

16th January

30th January

13th February

6th March

20th March

3rd April

Week Two dates, week commencing:

23rd January

6th February

27th February

13th March

27th March