Exam Revision Support Information

As exam revision time starts, you may want to read advice from some of the top education experts around the country, on the best way to support your child through these potentially stressful times:

  1. Plan revision in advance and allow plenty of time for breaks. Be productive and efficient. It’s not the length of time spent ‘revising’ as much as the quality of what and how the revision is taking place.
  2. Take breaks! Be sensible about revising for hours on end. Give yourself rewards and regular breaks.
  3. Eat, drink and sleep well. This is critical. Avoid heavily caffeinated drinks and try to eat a regular balanced diet.
  4. Manage stress. This is easier said than done. Don’t set unrealistic expectations and don’t try to compete with friends. Learning and revision is very individual and one size does not fit all when it comes to how you revise.
  5. Find a comfortable place and space to work. Distractions should be minimal, including devices and any kind of social media. Make your work space work for you, hang pictures, posters, note cards anything to help you retain the information and understand the required knowledge.
  6. Be supportive to those who are revising. Students and pupils need the whole household ‘on side’, providing support, motivation and encouragement.

Please find below, resources from English, Maths and Science departments, on how to help your child prepare for exam time:

Independent revision for Year 11 English

English revision presentation

Parents’ guide to English revision