National Poetry Day

To celebrate this year’s ‘National poetry day’, pupils across the school were invited to
submit poems on the theme of ‘Freedom’.
The number of entries was overwhelming and even exceeded last year’s tally. Once
the numbers had been added up, the final House standings were as follows:
4 th – Abbey
3 rd – Manor
2 nd – Castle
1 st – Priory
As well as being a House competition, the judges also selected the best two entries
to receive a £10 book token. We are delighted that the winners have given their
permission for their brilliant poems to be printed below:

Junior (year 7 and 8) winner – Macoi Zendel-Ellis

A man sets foot on the cold, wet grass
He cries out to the sky, home at last
He has found his freedom, he has found his will
But now he cries, now he shrieks
Because freedom for others he cannot fulfil.

He hears gunshots, he hears screams
The world is not what it seems
He may be happy, he may be full of glee
But many are merely free.

He hears screams of crying children,
Mean men trying to steal them
For human nature is dark and scary
So stay alarmed, stay very wary
Not all are free, not all are swell
So just be glad that you’re home and well.

Senior (year 9, 10 and 11) winner – Molly Watkins

There was a girl who liked to run,
But she felt as if she weighed a ton.
It didn’t matter what anyone said

The feeling inside just spread and spread.
“You’re not good enough!” her mind would holler,
That thought was the one controlling her.
Again and again she would try to break free,
But it seemed, it was not meant to be.

Until one day that was in autumn,
She decided she wanted her freedom.
She looked at herself in the mirror,
And suddenly, everything became clearer.
For each freckle, each dimple, each mole she had,
She couldn’t help but feel glad.
As she stared, tears started falling,
And she could finally see she wasn’t appalling.

A small blue bird
A small blue bird sat in his cage,
Staring out aimlessly as he grows with age.
“Why must I stay here?” he said,
Thinking of better things to do in his head.
He fluttered on down to look at the lock,
But when he reached it, he was greeted with shock.
The door swung open, so he was free,
To see all the things he wanted to see.
He flew higher and higher, having so much fun,
Blissfully enjoying his days in the sun.