Studley High School Resistant Materials

Mr M Salmon, BA (Hons)

Year 7

Lazy Lizard:  An introduction to working with wood and developing skills in how to measure, mark and cut a material accurately.  Pupils also develop skills in the shaping, forming finishing and assembly of a finished product using a variety of hand tools to improve eye-hand coordination.  These skills will be transferable and pupils will gain a basic introduction to material knowledge and properties.

Key Fob:  A project that requires pupils to make a product to a given pattern. This project will use a single material, (aluminium), and will continue and extend the development of eye-hand coordination skills, so necessary in design-based subjects.  Pupils will gain a basic introduction to material knowledge and properties.  As with all projects, pupils will use a variety of tools specific to metal work to shape and prepare surfaces for finishing together with techniques for polishing and engraving the finished surface.

Year 8

Pendant: Pupils will be at their most creative during this project as they are asked to design jewellery.  Pupils will create a mould to cast a pendant, which they will then file and polish to ensure the highest quality.

Nightlight: In this project pupils are encouraged to work creatively in response to a manufacturing brief and design limitations using MDF and fluorescent acrylic sheet. They are introduced to Printed Circuit Boards and a range of electronic components, including a light sensitive sensor and will develop skills in soldering and testing an electronic circuit.

Key Stage 4

Technology will develop the ability for pupils to design and make products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques.

The course requires pupils to develop their knowledge of woods, metals, plastics and composite materials. Other materials may also be used and the use of new technologies is also encouraged.

Technology encourages pupils to be creative and then also give them the ability to produce their creations in 3D.