Free School Meals

In the UK around 26% of children are entitled to Free School meals. For each child receiving Free School Meals the school receives an extra £935 which goes directly into funding extra provision for those pupils. Studley High School currently receives in the region of £100000 extra in funding to support pupils.
The following is an extract from the warwickshire Council website and can be found at

Qualifying for free school meals

Families who receive the following are eligible for Free School Meals:
• Income support
• Income-based job seeker’s allowance (JSA)
• Income-related employment and support allowance (ESA)
• Guarantee element of state pension credit
• Universal credit
• Both income-cased and contribution-based JSA/ESA if you receive the same amount for both. You should also qualify if you receive both but the Income-based amount is greater, but not if the contribution-based amount is greater
• Families who are awarded Child Tax Credit and have an annual income, as assessed by HMRC, not in excess of £16,190 are also eligible to claim free school meals providing there is no entitlement to Working Tax Credit (unless in respect of a 4-week ‘run-on’).The online checking system only confirms or denies your eligibility to claim free school meals: it does not give us any other information. If you are currently in receipt of either Universal Credit or the 4-week run on of Working Tax Credit the system will not automatically be able to determine your eligibility, therefore you will need to send proof that you are in receipt of these benefits to the Free School Meals office once you have completed and saved your application.When your eligibility has been confirmed and your application processed, you will be sent an email confirming eligibility. The school will also receive notification of your child’s application.The online checking system will continuously check your eligibility status and inform you and the school of any changes.

If your child is eligible to receive free school meals you can apply through the Warwickshire website online at
Customer Service Centre number for parents to make an application to Warks CC:
01926 359 189
Free School Meals Office number for schools and queries about applications already made:
01926 742 543