Anne Frank Exhibition

Between 16th-27th April, Studley High School History department are hosting the Anne Frank Trust’s educational exhibition, Anne Frank: A History for Today.

The exhibition uses Anne Frank’s life and diary to explain the value of democracy and a civil society, and enables visitors to grasp the human consequences of persecution and war.

This is an especially exciting opportunity for 25 of our Year 9 GCSE History students who are responsible for running the event and expertly guiding our KS3, KS4 and KS5 History classes and their teachers around the exhibition. This event will also bring together local primary schools and South Warwickshire Educational Partnership schools all taking part in this fantastic experience.

The guides are trained to speak to visitors about themes including;

• Anne Frank’s diary and the history of the Frank family

• The introduction of the Nazi racist state

• The victims and appalling consequences of the Holocaust

• The deliberate and organised nature of genocide

The exhibition challenges us to think about how these issues are relevant today and what we can do to prevent prejudice and discrimination in our own communities, both locally and nationally. At the end of the fortnight Mindu Hornick, an Auschwitz survivor, will visit the school and deliver her moving testimony to the students. She will also answer questions that students will have thought of during their visit to the fantastic exhibition.

A selection of our guides will be selected to go on and become Ambassadors for the Anne Frank Trust and have the opportunity to undertake further guide training to run the larger Anne Frank + You exhibition which travels around the country. These Ambassadors will also have the fantastic opportunity to visit Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam and have access to sections not open to the public.

This event will be open to all students and is free of charge to visit.

Studley Planetarium

Last week, ‘The StarDome’ came to Studley High!

Standing at 4 metres tall and 6 metres wide, the dome was set up in the gym for pupils from Studley High and local primary pupils to enjoy. The dome is a portable, inflatable planetarium.

Groups of 25-30 pupils entered the dome for sessions on:

  • Life of the stars (KS4)
  • The planet and the stars (KS2-3)
  • Sun, stars and stories (KS1)

A visiting speaker from the National Space Centre in Leicestershire gave a brilliant insight into the world of ‘Space’.

Pupils found the sessions fascinating and loved the setting of a ‘mini planetarium’.
















Year 10 GCSE Art

Year 10 GCSE Fine Art

Work in progress:

The students have been studying the issues associated with homelessness. They have considered some of the causes of homelessness, and the likely outcomes on an individual’s safety, physical and mental health and general well-being.
The students have explored the work of a number of artists, including the expressive drawings of Henry Moore, which focus on the use of line and tone to express form, and Leonardo da Vinci’s highly technical and beautifully detailed drawings of hands and feet. The students also studied the work of Willie Baronet, an American artist who has purchased more than 1,300 homeless signs over the past 24 years. He uses this collection to create installations to raise awareness about homelessness. The students have used this work as inspiration for their own mixed media collages. They have been encouraged to take risks – and work on a large scale – portraying the emotional state of people who have no permanent shelter.

Primary Engineering – project #STEM

Last week, saw the start of a ‘Primary Engineers’ programme, aimed at supporting engineering knowledge for educators in our community.

‘Primary Engineers Programmes’ have, over the past 12 years, created an engineering curriculum that spans Early Years, Primary, Secondary and Further Education institutions. Its core aims include: the development of children and young people through engagement with engineering, the promotion of engineering careers for pupils through inspiring programmes and competitions, the development of engineering skills for teachers and practitioners as a sustainable model and working to address the gender imbalance in science and engineering.

They developed a ‘STEM by Stealth’ approach to education which enables children and pupils to engage with practical maths and science alongside creative problem solving and literacy. This has created a positive impact on individual children and pupils’ self-awareness and confidence through team work. It also provides improvement in social skills through engagement with project work and links to the wider world and engineers.

Their work bridges the gap between industry and education and the programme reach extends to parents, carers and the wider community through public exhibitions of children and pupils’ ideas in relation to engineering in regions across the UK.

Feedback from those teachers from local Primary Schools, who came to the session, :

Excellent engineering day with enthusiastic and expert support. Fantastic learning experience. Can’t wait to get started with the pupils.

Fantastic experience of simple, practical engineering that all children would love to try. A great way to spend a day of CPD – hands on and practical.

A thoroughly enjoyable practical day – well paced, trainer well prepared & showed us what we needed whilst giving us time to develop our skills. It makes a refreshing change to come away from a course with resources that will allow us to carry out the activities at school – thank you

Day was enjoyable and everyone more than helpful. Started day thinking I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything and finished with a fully functioning car that made it up ramp number 2!

Now that they have the knowledge, they will go back to their respective schools and teach their pupils. 8 pupils from each school will then be invited to attend a ‘Celebration Event’ on July 4th, and the winner, chosen by the judges will receive a certificate and the award of ‘Primary Engineer’.

Personal Development Day

Last week, was the third of four Personal Development days for our pupils, across the academic year.

Here is a flavour of the events that took place:

  • Yr 7 – Miss Sienna (Careers Adviser) led sessions on the world of work.
  • Yr 8 – Samaritans came in to talk about the work they do within the community.
  • Yr 8 – Fearless Crime Prevention officer came in to deliver sessions on crime and the perceptions people have of it.
  • Yr 8 – First Aid staff from Warwickshire Fire Brigade gave training on CPR and other life saving techniques used in an emergency situation.
  • Yr 9 – Guest speaker Martin Bandel gave a talk about the holocaust and refugees in war time giving a very personal account of his own experiences.
  • Yr 9 – David Martin from Warwickshire Police delivered sessions on hate crime.
  • Yr 10 – The entire year group took part in an enterprise challenge ‘Passion 4 Fashion’. They had to create a fashion company, design outfits and work to within a budget to buy and sell items for their fashion company. The day ended with successful companies modelling clothing for a fashion show.

Studley High Performing Talent!

On 21st March, Pasha Kovalev winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2014, returned to the Redditch Palace Theatre with his BRAND NEW show ‘The Magic of Hollywood’.

After the huge success of his tours ‘Life Through Dance’, ‘It’s All About You’ and ‘Let’s Dance The Night Away’ over the last few years, Pasha was joined again by his spectacular dancers in an evening of LIVE SINGING, DANCE, HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR AND FUN.

This amazing new show, created by Pasha and his long time dance partner Anya Garnis, was jam packed with sequins, glitz and glamour as Pasha took to the stage with his sensational dancers and they performed ‘Oscar worthy performances’ all set to a Hollywood theme….

In every theatre, Pasha invites a local dance school to perform on stage with him and some of our Studley High School pupils Georgia Fisher, Beth Hemming, Eve Matthews, Lawren Thornewell, Isabel Matthews, Erin Brown and former pupils Anna Bray, who are part of Starlight School of Dance, were chosen to appear on stage again this year. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase amazing young talented dancers as a part of Pasha’s show ‘The Magic of Hollywood’.

Talent spotlight:

Beth Hemmings (Year 8) has been dancing with Starlight School of Dance in Redditch since she was 3 years old.

This led to yearly pantomime performances in which she played both chorus and principal parts. It also lead to successfully entering many dance and performance competitions. Beth now learns ballet, tap, musical theatre and theatre craft.

This year Beth returned to Astwood Bank Operation Society as a dancer, to perform in ‘Carousel’ at the Redditch Palace Theatre and also one of Mr Snow’s children where she showed her dancing, singing and performing talents.

She was asked to dance alongside qualified adult dancers and part of the routine included a solo piece choreographed specifically for her. The rehearsals were weekly with additional ones nearer the opening of the show. She starred in 5 performance and these received excellent reviews by the critics in the papers including NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association, who were so impressed with the standard of her performance that on behalf of the Society, the Mayor of Redditch awarded Beth the ‘Ken and Mary Dyer Award’ and was the youngest person ever to receive this.

Beth was also part of a troupe of Starlight pupils to perform with Pasha and Anya at the Redditch Palace Theatre. Following a successful audition, they attended the weekly rehearsal. The choreography was challenging but the pupils rose to the challenge and provided an excellent, polished performance. They have previously performed with Pasha and they were so impressed that they have approached the dance school again this year. They are due to perform again in May, in Solihull.

Her mother, Hayley told us:

These activities have made a positive influence on both confidence and resilience and this has been evident over the years.

We congratulate Beth on her rise to fame and wish her continued success for her upcoming performances.


Pupil visit to SECO

This week, as part of the Studley High School STEM programme, Year 9 students visited SECO Engineering in Alcester.

SECO is one of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive metal cutting solutions for milling, stationary tools, holemaking and tooling systems. They develop and supply the technologies, processes and supports that manufacturers depend on to maximize productivity and profitability.

They gained an insight to the various roles, career pathways and opportunities available in engineering and spent time with staff, apprentices and completed some practical exercises as well as having a tour!




Studley Photography Challenge – Staff & Pupils

If you have a keen eye for the world, or an artistic flair behind the lens – this is for you!

Compulsory for Year 9, but open to all year groups and staff at Studley:

  • Deadline 30th April
  • Format – JPEG
  • Students to submit work via REAL SMART folder
  • Staff to email Miss Hughes directly
DAYThe Challenge
1Self Portrait
2Rule of Thirds
3Black & White
5Close Up/Macro
9Night Time
18Frame within a frame
30Hidden camera mirror photo

Studley High Gymnastics news!

Studley High School Gymnastics trio team performed at the Milano National Finals last weekend, against the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland. The team included Ella Rose Garratt, Mia Browning and Phoebe Hunt.

Their efforts were outstanding and performance level was amazing against an incredible level of gymnastics.
Of 22 teams across the UK, our Studley team came 15th. There were 2 teams representing for West Midlands, Studley High and Woodrush High and their combined West Midlands total gave them 6th place overall.

This is an amazing result for our gymnasts! Over a third of the competition were from schools that get sponsorship and scholarships to compete.

Gymnastics coach, Kirsty Garratt tells us,

I am so proud of the girls and what they achieved at this event. Ella Rose Garratt has supported the BSGA (British Schools Gymnastics Association) for many years. This year, she was asked by the BSGA to collect charity donations from a large audience of – raising money for Cancer Research UK (a total of £350 was raised.)

In support of the amazing talent of this team, we received the letter below from the Chairman of the BGSA, Jamie Weller:


Mock Trial update

On Saturday 10th March, the big day arrived for the Mock Trial team. Since October, the team have been preparing to present their court case and battle it out against other local schools.

Nerves were running high, but as soon as they got into the swing of things it was obvious how much hard work they had been putting in. All pupils involved were amazing on the day and showed their understanding of pulling court cases apart and questioning witnesses. Sadly, only two schools out of the ten involved, could go through to the next round and we didn’t quite make it, however they should all be proud of how far they have come in the process.

Well done Mock Trial team, for making it as far as you did!