Studley Photography Challenge – Staff & Pupils

If you have a keen eye for the world, or an artistic flair behind the lens – this is for you!

Compulsory for Year 9, but open to all year groups and staff at Studley:

  • Deadline 30th April
  • Format – JPEG
  • Students to submit work via REAL SMART folder
  • Staff to email Miss Hughes directly
DAYThe Challenge
1Self Portrait
2Rule of Thirds
3Black & White
5Close Up/Macro
9Night Time
18Frame within a frame
30Hidden camera mirror photo

Studley High Gymnastics news!

Studley High School Gymnastics trio team performed at the Milano National Finals last weekend, against the whole of the UK and Northern Ireland. The team included Ella Rose Garratt, Mia Browning and Phoebe Hunt.

Their efforts were outstanding and performance level was amazing against an incredible level of gymnastics.
Of 22 teams across the UK, our Studley team came 15th. There were 2 teams representing for West Midlands, Studley High and Woodrush High and their combined West Midlands total gave them 6th place overall.

This is an amazing result for our gymnasts! Over a third of the competition were from schools that get sponsorship and scholarships to compete.

Gymnastics coach, Kirsty Garratt tells us,

I am so proud of the girls and what they achieved at this event. Ella Rose Garratt has supported the BSGA (British Schools Gymnastics Association) for many years. This year, she was asked by the BSGA to collect charity donations from a large audience of – raising money for Cancer Research UK (a total of £350 was raised.)

In support of the amazing talent of this team, we received the letter below from the Chairman of the BGSA, Jamie Weller:


Mock Trial update

On Saturday 10th March, the big day arrived for the Mock Trial team. Since October, the team have been preparing to present their court case and battle it out against other local schools.

Nerves were running high, but as soon as they got into the swing of things it was obvious how much hard work they had been putting in. All pupils involved were amazing on the day and showed their understanding of pulling court cases apart and questioning witnesses. Sadly, only two schools out of the ten involved, could go through to the next round and we didn’t quite make it, however they should all be proud of how far they have come in the process.

Well done Mock Trial team, for making it as far as you did!

Year 8 – Big Bang

The largest festival of science in the UK aimed at school age pupils took place last week at the NEC, Birmingham.

This year, the Fair was bigger than ever and included exhibits from many strands of science and plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

This years Big Bang trip was a full of firsts. Not only was it the first time we’ve managed to take the entire year group to the show at the NEC, it was also the first time the entire cohort managed to watch the same live show at the same time! However the firsts didn’t stop there, for the first time ever, a Studley High School student was picked to take part in the show on the main stage (Oscar Foxall) and to top that, Olivia Few was chosen to take part during the live show. Both students played their parts very well.

The students were extremely well behaved throughout the trip, it was lovely to see them so engaged with such a variety of activities and possible STEM careers.

Highlights of the day included: the explosions of the Big Bang Stage, the opportunity to build and race a rocket propelled car and opportunities to speak to real scientists about their careers. Pupils came away with not only huge amounts of information and ideas for careers they may have not heard of before, but also more perspective on the huge developments which are taking place in STEM today.

The trip was organised in collaboration with the Careers Department.

Year 11 -Super Science Saturday

On Saturday 17th March, Year 11 pupils were invited to take part in ‘Super Science Saturday’. The focus was to revise key aspects of their Science GCSE course.

Sixty pupils arrived, bright-eyed, on a very cold and frosty morning to complete three hours of science revision. Their reward for this? Four hours of paintballing on an equally chilling afternoon. Great team building skills were developed especially when the pupils rallied round to ‘defeat’ the four members of staff that accompanied them (Mr Salmon, Mr Eost, Mr Sidhu and Mrs Moreland). You can see how much Mr Salmon enjoyed his time, in the below image!

Pupils were, as always, praised on their behaviour at the centre. Watch this space for the next ‘Super Saturday’!

SHINE in Art Club

A talented group of Year 8 artists have been attending a Shine in Art after school club. In responding to the theme of ‘identity’, students have created their own unique finger print portraits. Using a range of materials and techniques such as printmaking, stitching, painting, drawing and collage – they have demonstrated their advanced creativity and learnt a range of new skills.

We look forward to seeing them continue to shine in their GCSEs.

Musician of the Year!

Musician of the Year 2018


Play or sing a solo for your chance to reach the final – solo or in a group!

Tuesday 20th March – Lunchtime
Wednesday 21st March – Lunchtime
Wednesday 21st lunchtime – after school
Please sign up outside A2

Final – Thursday 3rd May, 6pm

Macro Photography – Y9

Year 9 photography students have been working on a macro project to create very close up and detailed images. Some of their photos may at first seem unrecognisable, but look closely and you will be able to identify different types of fruit. Pupils experimented with ink, filters, mirrors and lighting to change our perceptions. Students have used their Adobe Photoshop skills to enhance the colours and textures resulting in bright and bold photographs.

Macro photography is the production of photographs of small items larger than ‘life size’.

GKN promoting STEM

Just before half term, GKN apprentices visited school, to speak to our pupils about careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).

GKN is a global engineering business that design, manufacture and service systems and components for original equipment manufacturers around the world.

Rebeccah Freeman, 4th year engineering apprentice, told our pupils:

My uncles are engineers and I loved hearing them talk about it and also my dad was a mechanic.I used to spend weekends and school holidays at my dad’s garage which inspired me to want to get into that sort of career. I loved Maths and Science at school and did A Level Maths as result.

I am currently in my final year of my 4 year apprenticeship and completing my final year of my foundation degree which GKN, who have sponsored me for.

I do my foundation degree on a day release program while working as a manufacturing engineer the rest of the week. I work as a manufacturing engineer on sideshaft assembly, and have recently been asked to be involved in the implementation of a new cell which will be coming into the area.

Once my apprenticeship is over I will be staying in the sideshaft assembly area to be able to gain more knowledge and skills to help me excel within my career as an engineer.

Emily Pringle, International Graduate Engineering, GKN Aerospace, told us:

My inspiration to go into engineering was mainly that I love Maths at school and liked the problem solving aspect.
Before applying to university, I was conflicted between engineering or business. However, I learned that industrial engineering would allow me to work in a wide range of roles from very technical to more on the business side of any industry.

In my current role I am looking at the flow of material through the plant and how to better optimise the building process of an aircraft window. In one of the production buildings, the manufacturing takes place on multiple levels each of which had components stored that are needed to assemble a window. I have implemented a new system in which all the components are stored near the point of use in assembly.

Year 7 MOVES

Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist, Jennifer Gautier, came to Studley High this week, as part of the ‘MOVES’ programme for Year 7 pupils. The programme is designed to improve core stability and increase agility.

Jennifer tell us:

The pupils are seeing benefits in their ability to focus and study during lessons, as a result. Mrs Roberts and Mrs Johnson are making the programme fun and enjoyable, but are still ensuring that every child taking part is challenged. Each child has already successfully completed the first level and have proudly received a certificate for their efforts! Well done to the staff and children at Studley High school for taking part in this very valuable movement programme.