Bronze Duke of Edinburgh

d of e

Year 10 pupils at Studley recently started their D of E Bronze training on the 29th January.
Approximately 30 pupils took part in introductions and initial training, from 9:45am till 4pm
The pupils had an ‘Introduction to DofE Expeditions programme’ & met other participants (team building, split into groups and ground rules). They looked at the format of expedition, walking & camping arrangements, expedition purpose planning, map work & navigation, including symbols, scales, setting and orientating a map (compass), rights of way and finally how to pick, plan and describe a route between two points.
The day was run by Rezilient expedition providers, led by Andy Bacon.
The next session will be Sunday 5th March, when they will be route planning for their first expedition.
Silver D of E training and Year 9 Bronze training takes place on the 4th and 5th March in school, with Venture Outdoor as the provider, led by James Vann. The times will be 9:45am – 4pm in school.